Delivery Method and Timing for the EU and the USA

How do I enter my shipping information?

Enter the city, state, and zip code information for where you would like your order to be shipped on step 2. Note: fields marked with * are mandatory.
If the address you have entered is the same as the credit card billing address, please check No to the question “Would you be delivered to another address?”

How much does shipping & handling cost?

After entering the shipping address, you may select the shipping method for your order. Charges will be applied depending on the shipping method selected, and may vary according to the weight of the purchase. 
Shipping fees are based on the delivery delay




Delivery Zone

Delivery mode





EU + Switzerland

3 to 8 days


free ground shipping for orders with a product value of or 80€+




Delivery mode




2nd Day Air


Next Day Air


free ground shipping for orders with a product value of $100+


Where can my order be shipped?

At this point, we can only deliver to the EU, to Switzerland and within the United States.